We are Proud to Offer SEO Services in Canada’s Both Official Languages: English & French

Are you in the process of building a new corporate website presence in Canada? Let CorporateSEO help you achieve the most from your endeavours by optimizing your website as you build, or even post-completion. One of the most overlooked aspect of corporate website design and building is pagespeed or site load times, the number of seconds it takes for your website’s English or French html page to be visible on your visitor’s screen.

Bilingual Organic SEO Consultant for French & English language websites

There are numerous factors to consider when working on optimizing organic SEO for a bilingual corporate website. Various specialty html tags are used to indicate in what language content is written, and which pages are translations of each other, in English and French.

PHP Scaling server optimization for Bilingual Sites

An important part of the speed optimization of any bilingual corporate website process, is PHP scaling of your server. Are your CPU loads close to 100% and your site is slower with each new visitor accessing it? Then you definitely need to look into PHP scaling, a process that will review the available and compatible caching resources that can be taken advantage of based on your server’s environment. Are you using outdated versions of PHP? 5.6 and even 7.1 have already reached EOL end of life at the time of this writing, and they have unpatched security vulnerabilities. Besides PHP 7+ is faster so there really is no reason to drag your feet about this. Hire Technical SEO Experts to get the job done right, the first time.

Taking advantage of caching will free up server resources for immediate visible processing power gains and faster load times of your pages. We use these popular speed testing tools to make sure your website meets all standards!



Page speed optimization bilingual site

Typical results we achieve for our clients, dependent on the underlying server environment.