It’s a common scenario, your company launches a beautifully designed new corporate website, only to find out later that it’s just barely getting any organic visitors from search engines.

We’re going to be blunt, scratchin’ your noggin’ won’t help. The problem lies with your corporate site’s technical & organic SEO optimizations, or rather the lack thereof!

Designers and Code Developers only do what they do best: design and code a website to client specifications so the front-end behaves according to the company’s vision. Technical SEO will polish the website further to make it run faster, while also improving the user experience, and Organic SEO will help it stand out to search engines in the endless stream of digital data.

Search Engine Optimization has evolved way past slapping a few keywords on your homepage. Today, whole website optimization is a service industry of its own, and for good reasons too.

What the heck is SEO, really?

SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is the meticulous and highly detail-oriented process of speeding up and optimizing your site for search engines using keywords, which we proudly cover from A to Z. In a nutshell, when search engines can clearly understand your quick-loading website, they are more likely to display the most appropriate page at the top, to visitors and potential clients searching for the solutions you offer.

Why is technical optimization of your website so important

Your design and marketing team have signed off on your latest corporate site, but it’s still running rough under the hood if you haven’t performed backend and technical optimizations to improve your website loading times.

You may have heard, Amazon and Walmart have both tested their site’s speeds and report a significant percent increase in sales, for every 100 ms improvement in website loading speed. On this scale, you can see how impatient people really are. Website speed is a considerably influential factor after all!

Let’s not digress… Fact of the matter is you’ve got to look under the hood, and like the Formula 1 race teams, shave those milliseconds off and lubricate, baby! Optimizing at every bend: client-side caching, server-side page caching, server-side opcode caching, database caching, code minification, image optimization and compression, PHP version upgrades… and the list goes on.

We haven’t even begun discussing security headers, htaccess directives, URL structure, 301 redirects and schema meta data implementation, and that is why it can easily take several months to completely optimize an average business website, and longer for larger corporate websites.

Why there are few experienced technical SEO consultants for Corporations

Because the SEO field or industry is still relatively new, few Universities have even developed curricular programs or classes for any sort of technical Search Engine Optimization, so most seasoned search engine optimization consultants today are simply self-taught computer geeks or ex-linux admins or webmasters, who would have started getting into SEO back in the late 90’s. In the end, nothing can replace what you learn in the trenches.

So here we are today, with lots of mediocre or half-assed SEO consulting companies fighting for your business (from everywhere on the planet might we add), and who often over-promise but rarely ever deliver. The reason SEO agencies fail their clients is because most agencies don’t take the time to get to know their client and product/service they offer. This is why we ask the right questions in order to optimize your website for your industry.

That’s why an in-house SEO team or specialist is best for a larger company that can afford it, given they can assemble the right team. Their task is then to find and fix bottle necks and optimize your site using your root keywords.

Please don’t tell me you’re on shared hosting

Ninety percent of business folk are using some form of shared hosting (but if you are already on a VPS or Dedicated server and furthermore know how to manage it, then Hats Off to you for coming this far). However most business owners can’t invest the time to do this on their own, it just doesn’t make sense to, because they have a business to run. So again, an in-house web admin is a necessity nowadays, so shouldn’t your Linux server/web admin know SEO too? Well that’s a whole new plane of information for that person. And learning takes time, whether from your own mistakes or from a mentor.

The most optimal solution, is to contract a corporate SEO consultant (you guessed it, like us!) who will take the time to get to know your business, learn your product, and be able to help optimize your website, so it can sell more effectively.

Therefore if you hire us, and you’re currently on shared hosting, we’ll recommend moving you off and onto something more serious, for everyone’s sake (after all, you don’t want your website associated with hacked or spam sites, sharing the same IP as you, do you now?).

Hire CorporateSEO.Org your B2B Technical SEO Consultants is a corporate SEO consulting firm with experts bent on improving your corporate website’s technical and organic SEO for serious long-term results, using genuine white-hat methods, no shortcuts here.

We’ll be upfront: we don’t have discounts, coupons or promotions on our corporate SEO consulting services, because we don’t cut any corners either. We work full-time only on one client at a time!

Monthly Fee: $10,000

Work begins immediately after receipt of all required login information to the Hosting Control Panel, Website Administration area, and payment.

Payment Methods Accepted

  • Visa & MasterCard
  • Interac eTransfer
  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal
  • Bitcoin

OPEN FOR: January 2020


We’re not going to throw hundred-page audit reports or confusing itemized lists at you, which you need an IT degree to comprehend (unless of course you want us to because we’re more than happy to oblige!). We perform all optimizations using a proven process and show you the results. Faster website, improved user experience, higher Search rankings in 100% of cases for previously unoptimized sites.

What does Google say about faster websites

Yes, Google says straight up they favor faster websites!

Although speed has been used in ranking for some time, that signal was focused on desktop searches. Today we’re announcing that starting in July 2018, page speed will be a ranking factor for mobile searches.

You can read more about this update here.

When was the last time you analyzed the performance of your website?

Go from this…

Corporate SEO consulting

To This!

Vancouver corporate seo specialist company


*Results may not be same for everyone, however we strive for the best achievable load times and scores without hindering website functionality.


Hacked website cleanups

Shit happens, even in the digital world. Let us deal with it. We can help clean out a previously hacked website even if you have a shitload of porn and viagra links pointing back to it. Been there, done that. *Additionally billable service.

Google manual penalty revocations

That’s a tough one, but depending how deep you are in the hole we can help. Google will slap your domain silly with a manual penalty if you’ve been going crazy hiring link building services from India and the Philippines, and now you wish you hadn’t. In some cases it may be worthwhile scrapping your old domain and starting anew, but if you really hold that domain dear to your heart we’ll do our best to salvage it.

Web Management Systems we enjoy working with


  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • Drupal
  • magento


  • Ubuntu
  • Centos
  • Cloudlinux
  • Windows NT

Web Servers

  • Apache/NGINX (WHM/Cpanel, Plesk)
  • Microsoft IIS 7 & 8


We don’t outsource anything and we’re proud of it!

Crafted with love in Vancouver, BC, Canada.


Complimentary corporate SEO services we do for our clients:

  • Keyword research foundation and strategy
  • Website Sitemap submission and management on Google and Bing
  • Google Analytics implementation and goal tracking for primary KPI’s
  • Cloudflare Setup
  • Email delivery troubleshooting


Over a Decade of SEO experience at your fingertips